Asbestos Testing



asbestos testing


Asbestos Testing involves the collection of suspected asbestos fiber samples by a professional for analysis in a specialist laboratory

The testing process involves looking at the fibers under a polarised light microscope to identify whether
or not the sample contains asbestos fibers, and if so what type.

Our Service

Testing for asbestos and its subsequent removal (where necessary) gives residents flexibility to do more. It allows them to proceed with large and small renovations or extensions without having to worry about asbestos. Additionally, if you attend to sell or lease your residence, having a safe environment is a great selling point.

At Jim’s Asbestos Removal, testing for asbestos is an important part of our service. Visual inspections and sample collections carried out by professionals provide our clients pertinent information and peace of mind to maintain/create a safe environment.

After making contact, we will provide you with comprehensive information about what testing involves and relevant dates for discussing results. Our friendly professionals are happy to answer your questions too.

Of course, every property is different. House sizes vary, and age is an important factor. Therefore, it’s important to discuss what needs to be tested. Walls, fencing, sheds, carports, insulation and other areas can all be tested for asbestos.

After finding a suitable time, qualified professionals will make a visit.

The best asbestos removal/ management plans are based on the best information. Today, the use of innovative technology to detect current and potential asbestos threats is a great help. Tools such as thermal imaging and scope cameras help make the process thorough.

Ceilings, walls, and floors etc. are examined in a professional manner, and various samples are obtained for scientific analysis and sent to a laboratory.

Professionals, wearing safety gear, follow strict work procedures, because their job isn’t just about collecting samples, but collecting samples in a safe manner. They’re trained not to disturb asbestos-containing material.

So why send to a lab? Laboratory analysis is the most scientific way to determine if your residence/workplace is safe. It provides certainty. Besides which, even a trained eye can’t spot every asbestos product.

The testing service allows clients to find out whether or not asbestos is present and to what degree.

Testing can also help determine the types of asbestos (if any) such as chrysotile (white asbestos), amosite (brown asbestos) and crocidolite (blue asbestos).

As well, testing helps owners understand how fragile detected asbestos is. Is it friable or bonded?

If there’s a reasonable suspicion that asbestos fibres have become airborne, then air monitoring can also be undertaken.

Jim’s Asbestos Removal completes jobs in the shortest possible timeframe. Furthermore, our professionals collect samples with professional tools and in a safe manner.

Following a site assessment, Jim’s Asbestos Removal is able to share their inspection report results. We take our clients through the asbestos-testing laboratory findings in an easy-to-understand way.

From there, we’re able to tailor a safety-first plan for the best possible outcomes to suit your needs.

Finally, even if test results come back negative, scientific information is reassuring. Knowing that your dwelling/workplace doesn’t contain dangerous materials is useful. For some people, it provides a new level of certainty and a sense of freedom.

For more information on Jim’s Asbestos Removal and our testing processes and procedures, call us during work hours and/or email us with any questions.